LEAD GENERATION Through Priming, Authority, Online Reputation

  1. ORIGINAL CONTENT - news releases and announcements on a monthly basis that enhance the visibility, reputation and trust of your business

  2. POSITIVE PRIMING - prime your site(s) by creating more buzz and exposure to positive reviews and press, while mitigating the damage done by poor reviews

  3. AUTHORITY NEWS PLACEMENTS - boost the image and authority of your business by publishing news announcements on respected, high authority news sites getting visibility overnight

  4. BRANDING, REPUTATION AND SEEDING - ensuring the positive story and image of your business is presented online via the publications made by us, which primes your own clients and customers to trust them more, thus improving your experience as well as planting information that the mainstream media might pick up and repeat

  5. RANKING - creating high quality links from hundreds of trustworthy brand name TV and Radio websites, to improve the overall ranking of your website(s)

  6. GOOGLE MAPS PLACEMENT - increasing the number of congruent physical address, website address and phone number citations of your business online to significantly improve Google Maps presence

  7. LEAD GENERATION - target specific keywords and topics with our marketing that can deliver high value leads and clients to your business

Your news releases appear on the world's top news sites, including:

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